Crisis can be innovative...
Chinese word for 'Crisis' is made of two ideograms that mean 'danger' (wei) and opportunity (ji). Ancient Greek term crisis meant also 'discernment'.
These millennial concepts help us to better understand the ambivalent nature of crisis and transition. The social economical and financial crisis bear the danger of losing priviledges and positions that once gave us safety and security. At the same time the idea of crisis has in itself the stimulus to focus our attention on the future and possibilities.
At times of crisis we should invest on innovation and try to express creativity, ideas, projects. When national states and international organizations seems to loose grip on globalization changes, the responsabilty and opportunity of building up a positive future can find a place at the city- and local community-level, where individuals and organisations can be innovators connecting their local experiences and knowledge to the world.

The idea of the Laboratorio per l'innovazione
Laboratorio per l'innovazione is a project for developing and supporting creativity and innovation: an instrument to promote strategies of economic and social development of specific territories and to help local communities to face the future in a creative and innovative way.

The basic idea is using in a creative way resources and local goods to create events and design products able to attract new fluxes of people and ideas and external resources. The principle is simple: to create and innovate we have to create and attract new resources. From our point of view, an idea is truly innovative if it produces resources instead of consuming them! We think of the Laboratory as a tool to multiplicate ideas and skills, local relationships end global connections. Laboratorio per l'innovazione is a working point oriented to community development that is listening to local communities and valorizing existing experiences and resources.

Laboratorio per l'innovazione is active in very difficult and deprived contexts where it aims to foster trust and the idea that positive change is possible. At the same time, we intend to spread the idea and the ethical attitude to social responsibilty in using resources coming from public and private funding.

Laboratorio per l'innovazione staff is multi-disciplinar made of young professionals with long experience in project design/research/consulting. In cooperation with local actors we work on projects focusing on:

Urban renewal; cultural infrastructure; sustainable development; alternative energy; mobility and tourism; education; social media. In different contexts any of these things can be the main focus/field of our projects.

Our working methods are rooted in action research, qualitative inquiry and ethnography; participative planning; new media and web 2.0 approach are at the core of the way in which we act and communicate.

Main areas of action
Culture Environmental and social sustainability/Knowledge and skills empowerment/ Active citizenship/ social capital/ethics and lawfulness education/ Organization and quality

Products and Projects
Thanks to the experience of the two founders, Next - Nuove Energie x il Territorio and Clac - Centro Laboratorio Arti contemporanee, Laboratorio per l'innovazione offers a wide range of products and projects on behalf of and in cooperation with private partners and public institutions:

Cultural events (workshop, seminars, exhibitions, festival)

Consulting/research/training (for individuals, organizations, institutions, companies)

Communication products (video productions; blog/web sites)

Networking with national and international organizations and research centres


NEXT - Nuove Energie X il Territorio / Clac - Centro Laboratorio Arti Contemporanee

Who's NEXT?
Our organization deals with strategies and developmental interventions for the innovation within organisations and in social contexts.
Organisational consultancy, social planning, strategic marketing, social research, action-research, and the conception and realisation of training courses are our main tools for working with our clients.
The interventions that we lead concentrate mainly on the process of change within organisations, focusing both on communication difficulties within workgroups as well as reading the social processes that influence organisational dynamics.
Among our stakeholders there are institutions, public and private enterprises and both profit and third sector businesses.

The main themes of interest are:
Project assessment & evaluation/Local development processes/Corporate social responsibility - CSR/Social and cultural communication/Innovation and sustainable development/
The outlook of cultural infrastructure of territories qualifies the life and activity of Next since its very beginnings and it takes shape in the organisation of numerous workshops and seminars aimed at creating public spaces for confrontation and dialogue.

What we do
organisational consulting, coaching and counselling, personnel management, team building, conflict resolution, methodological supervision for individuals and groups, burn out prevention; training courses, on-the-job training; projects evaluation and impact assessment; social research and action-research, market and trend studies, customer satisfaction analysis; social communication, business relations with non-profit organisations; corporate social accountability, sustainability reports, social reports, service charters, evaluation documents and Ethical law.


CLAC nasce nel 2003 a P A L E R M O per lavorare all’ideazione, organizzazione, promozione e produzione di eventi e progetti per cultura, turismo e sviluppo locale.
L’idea e la motivazione nascono dalla voglia di sperimentare la possibilità di ottenere spazio creativo per le attività culturali confrontandosi in modo onesto e professionale con le istituzioni pubbliche e con le realtà imprenditoriali private interessate all’investimento culturale.
CLAC pensa l’agire culturale come capacità di muoversi a diversi livelli e su diversi campi , complessità di progettazione, trasversalità delle competenze, nella convinzione che capacità di progettazione e creatività in ambito culturale siano le basi per lo sviluppo di un territorio.
Puntiamo sulla qualità e il valore dei nostri progetti, il che non significa necessariamente grandi nomi e grandi produzioni ma attenzione e sensibilità artistica, creatività e professionalità, volontà e passione per il proprio lavoro.
C l a c ha un’identità eclettica, non ancorata a scelte artistiche “disciplinate” quanto piuttosto ad un universo valoriale, a tensioni e intenzioni, alla ricerca, ai cambiamenti in atto, ai nostri interessi culturali e alla sperimentazione in diversi campi.
L’identità si ri-definisce nel “fare” ogni volta, ogni volta si arricchisce, impara, accumula.
L'attività di progettazione culturale ha diverse anime e può rispondere ad una pluralità di obiettivi: dalla promozione di pratiche artistiche, alla valorizzazione territoriale, da forme originali di comunicazione per le aziende alle iniziative culturali come canali per la sensibilizzazione su tematiche sociali.
CLAC lavora fornendo servizi specifici nel campo dell'organizzazione culturale: progettazione, segreteria organizzativa, ufficio stampa.




Laboratorio per l'innovazione
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